What NVC trainers have to say

I was breath-taken by some of the examples he brought, and filled with hope connecting to the possibilities of teaching NVC through these examples. I was also very impressed with David’s presence and ease as a facilitator. It seems that more and more NVC practitioners are including the body in their work; David has his own unique way of doing that and I just hope that as many people as possible could access his work.

François Beausoleil executive coach and trainer

Foremost in my mind is my excitement and joy in how deeply the Aikido movements actually support and facilitate the embodiment of NVC consciousness as I understand and hold it. I was enthused to use some of the movements the very next weekend in a workshop I gave. I sense that David has the ability to deeply self- connect, to be transparent and available to the moment, to hold an empathic presence with others and to share his gifts with humility.

Loren Swift Psychotherapist and Certified NVC Trainer

What I experienced very powerfully throughout the day was your sincerity of presence and embodiment of NVC consciousness. I felt so touched, embraced by that essence of NVC through you. I enjoyed having movement and experiential learning being center-stage in the way you structured the day. As many of us expressed, the quality of connection and the learning environment you created were deeply nurturing and supported us in living the practice.

Lucy Leu NVC Trainer and author of The NVC Workbook

I love the opportunity to pay attention to what is happening sensation-wise in the body, to explore what stimulates that, what it means, and how I can become more empowered to choose to better meet my needs based on that awareness. I am still meditating on some of the awareness’s I got on Saturday.

Barbara Larson Certified NVC trainer

found what he presented to be engaging and compelling. I suspect his approach may be unusually effective in helping certain concepts “stick.” I found David’s Aikido and movement based metaphors for NVC ideas to be powerfully engaging. Now, several months later, I still vividly remember his demonstration of “stepping off the line” to let jackal energy pass one by, supporting staying grounded in and hearing in NVC consciousness. This is an image I would want to use myself in a conflict situation, and which I would potentially teach to my own students to present his work in a workshop here.

Bob Wentworth NVC Trainer

I continue to work with some of your exercises and ways to use and adapt them. Glad to have the new tools and experiences to draw on.

Selene Aitken Certified NVC Trainer

I have been leading NVC workshops in prisons in Washington State through the Freedom Project since 1999, David to be highly skilled in Nonviolent Communication and he has many tools and talents to enhance his teaching of NVC, making it a fun and highly experiential workshop. He uses music, somatic awareness and aikido to support others to a deeper understanding of NVC consciousness, coupled with high energy and compassion to others.

Janice Eng NVC Freedom Project Trainer

In my experience, David Weinstock fully lives the teachings that he offers which include 'living alignment with oneself'. Specifically, I have learned how to 'reprogram' visceral responses by integrating one's head, heart and gut in a holistic way with David! This way of being with NVC speaks to me deeply as its hold the aspects of NVC! In my opinion, David shines a light on really living the consciousness first and foremost as an avenue for then fully embracing the practical skills; an approach that embodies integrity and presence!

John Clark Executive Coach and Trainer